Short-term Faculty Exchange: Department of Religious Studies & UKZN

Short-term Religious Studies teaching exchanges between DU and UKZN.

In April 2019, three UKZN colleagues came to DU  for a four-day visit that included a one-day symposium showcasing each program’s faculty research, a UKZN presentation at the University of Denver’s Internationalization Summit, and exploratory meetings between DU and UKZN faculty, as well as follow-up meetings with Internationalization staff who visited UKZN in October 2018. 


The symposium involved three 90-minute panels, each featuring three papers and focusing on different themes (e.g., Religion and Politics in South Africa and the US, Religion and Film in Comparative Perspective, Minority Religions in the US and South Africa.). Of the nine participants, three will be from UKZN, and the rest will be from Religious Studies or other DU departments. Prospective DU contributors include RLGS faculty members Carl Raschke, Gregory Robbins, Andrea Stanton, and Dheepa Sundaram, as well as colleagues like Elizabeth Sperber and Nancy Wadsworth in Political Science.


In addition to the symposium, UKZN faculty presented a panel on their institution’s experience with internationalization at the DU Internationalization Summit. They also held exploratory meetings with Religious Studies faculty and other relevant DU faculty and staff where they discussed opportunities for collaboration in curriculum and courses, as well as collaborative faculty research opportunities, and joint programming.

In the early part of 2020, Dheepa Sundaram will travel to UKZN to continue conversation on short-term faculty teaching exchange and longer term research curricular and research partnership. To pilot the teaching exchange, Dr. Sundaram will spend two weeks teaching a seminar on Modern Hinduism during the Hinduism Module at UKZN. 

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Department of Religious Studies

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School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics

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Commenced 2019

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