Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century: A Research and Curriculum Partnership (MFJS & Lund University)

Faculty from DU’s MFJS Department and Lund University’s Department of Strategic Communication join forces to advance critical explorations in public diplomacy

This departmental partnership builds on the shared expertise in public diplomacy and strategic communication of faculty in MFJS and the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University, Helsingborg. The collaboration aims to advance critically informed scholarship in public diplomacy, nation branding, and international strategic communication, recognizing the need for new theoretical development in these dynamic fields of inquiry and practice. Both departments house internationally recognized scholars in these areas, as well as young scholars and graduate students who are building promising research agendas. In addition, both departments offer graduate programs in strategic communication and prepare students for research and/or professional careers in public diplomacy and international strategic communication.

​Research outcomes to date:

  • Dr. Nadia Kaneva (MFJS) visited Lund University in December 2018 and held a graduate master-class on nation branding.

  • Dr. James Pamment visited DU in May 2019 and conducted a graduate master-class on countering online disinformation with students in the Graduate Certificate in Public Diplomacy.

  • Dr. Nadia Kaneva published a chapter in the book, Communicating National Image through Development and Diplomacy: The Politics of Foreign Aid, edited by James Pamment and Karin Wilkins and published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.

  • Cross-departmental curriculum consultations informed the development of a new, interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Public Diplomacy at DU. The Certificate was launched in Fall 2018 as a joint program of MFJS and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

Project Details

DU Departments

Media, Film, and Journalism Studies

DU Project Contacts

Dr. Nadia Kaneva

Partner Departments

Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University

Project Status


Started in November 2017

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