Korean Language Online Course with University of Western Australia

DU students can now study Korean for academic credit while at DU.

Collaborating with the University of Western Australia's School of Social Sciences and DU's Center for World Languages & Cultures, we have developed an hybrid Korean Language class, first offered in Spring 2019. This course allows for students to study beginning Korean for credit (INTZ 1201) through synchronous online lectures delivered by a faculty from UWA and on-campus tutorial sessions with a TA from DU. Once the student completes the DU course, they are able to enter the second level at UWA if they choose to study abroad or continue their study through the Directed Independent Language Study program at DU. Below is the course description:  

This course is an introduction to the Korean Language, emphasizing interpretive listening and reading, presentational speaking and writing, and interpersonal communication skills. The course consists of teaching and practical exercises pertaining to vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Cultural topics pertaining to Korean society aim to facilitate students' transition into study abroad. This is a hybrid course with lectures delivered synchronously via an online meeting software platform (Zoom) by a Korean Instructor at the University of Western Australia and face-to-face classes with a Korean Teaching Assistant on campus at DU. Attendance in both online and in-person class sessions is mandatory.

NOTE: Successful completion of this course prepares students to register for Korean Level 2 at the University of Western Australia.

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Center for World Languages and Cultures

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Dr. Adrienne Gonzales, Director, CWLC

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School of Social Sciences

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Launched Spring 2019

For questions or more information on this project, please contact Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships (levi.lindsey@du.edu)

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