Global Masters: Lund University

Global Masters Programs in Geography, Political Science, Biological Science (ecology & molecular).

A Global Masters Scholars program is an articulated agreement between a DU academic department, a strategic or priority partner institution, and the DU Office of Internationalization where the curriculum is mapped to ensure student success. The Global Masters model consists of the first 3 years of undergraduate study taking place at DU, then 1 year of study abroad at the partner institution (DU's fourth year). The 3 years at DU and 1 year of study abroad constitutes a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Denver. The fifth and final year of study will take place at the partner institution, in which upon completion the student will be awarded a Master's degree by the partner institution. Students enrolled at DU can opt into the Global Masters programs if they meet eligibility requirements at each university, DU's study abroad and exchange requirements, and any additional requirements specifically determined for any of the Global Masters programs. With Lund University, we have developed Global Masters Programs in Biological Sciences, Gender Studies, Political Science, and Geography. A Global Masters in Religious Studies is being developed with Lund University with a target launch date for late 2019. 

Project Details

DU Departments

Biology, Geography, Political Science, and Gender and Women's Studies, (Religious Studies in development)

DU Project Contacts

Biological Sciences: Dr Shannon Murphy

Political Science: Dr. Lisa Connat

Geography: Dr. Erika Trigoso

Religious Studies: Dr. Andrea Stanton

Partner Departments

Division of External Relations, Department of Political Science, Department of Biology, Department of Geography, Department of Gender Studies

Project Status


All programs are launched and are recruiting students. As of Spring 2019, we have have sent 3 students with 5 beginning in fall 2019.

For questions or more information on this project, please contact Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships (

Project Photo Gallery


Photos courtesy of Lund University