Dual Juris Doctor Program with University of Western Australia

In four years, students can earn two Juris Doctors from the University of Western Australia and the University of Denver.

Students commence the Juris Doctor at each home University and complete an agreed sequence of studies for two years at the required level of achievement. Students may then transfer to the Partner University for one year (on an exchange basis) and receive credit towards their Juris Doctor awarded by the home institution. Students who choose to enroll for their fourth year with advanced standing to complete the prescribed course of study at the Partner University will be awarded their Juris Doctor degree from each University.

Structure of Program: 2+1+1


2: Two years of study at the student’s home university. 


1: First year at Partner University (UWA or DU) (exchange year). (Student remains enrolled at their home university, and receives credit towards their home university JD). 


1: Second year at Partner University (UWA or DU). (Student completes their second year at the Partner University. Student is then eligible to be awarded two JD degrees (one from the home university and one from the Partner University).

Project Details

DU Departments

Sturm College of Law

DU Project Contacts

Lori Reynolds

Partner Departments

Law School - Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

Project Status

In development

Launching Fall 2019

For questions or more information on this project, please contact Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships (levi.lindsey@du.edu)

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