DU Project X-ite & UWA Bloom

Undergraduate student entrepreneurs can study abroad with academic and innovation support while abroad at UWA through Bloom.

Project X-ITE connects all the resources of the University of Denver together to advance innovation, technology and entrepreneurship across our community, region and world. In collaboration with Bloom, Western Australia's leading youth entrepreneurial community, coworking space, UWA's official student innovation hub, we offer undergraduate students the opportunity to study innovation and entrepreneurship while studying abroad at UWA. This program allows students entrepreneurs to continue the momentum of their businesses while gaining a global perspective and continuing their studies.

Project Details

DU Departments

Project Xcite

DU Project Contacts

Office of Academic Innovation

Partner Departments

Bloom: St. Catherine's College

Project Status

In development

Launching Fall 2020

For questions or more information on this project, please contact Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships (levi.lindsey@du.edu)

Project Photo Gallery


Photos courtesy of the University of Western Australia and Jess Neumann.